Not Just Another Pretty Nail

So I understand that photographs and actual content are part of the blogging deal – you provide the photos and the content and that’s the reason you have a blog.  I think.  Like I said last time, I’m sort of new to all this.  I’m currently trying to figure out the condumdrum of how to post my collection of woefully overlit iSnaps without enlisting the help of my in-house technical support guy, also known as my husband.  It’s not that he doesn’t want to help.  Au contraire, he’s ready to build an entire server farm in our second bedroom to support my blossoming blogging empire.  Rather, I’d like to figure out some of these things on my own.

And therein lies a lot of the fun in nail art: Developing a skill set and interests beyond merely painting your nails pretty colours.  Since delving into the well polished world of nail art, I’ve developed a surgery-ready steady hand, handy for detail work and on-the-fly tracheotomies.  In the offshoot area of photography, I’ve learned how to properly light my mini creations without the benefit of a lightbox.  And on the subject of lightboxes, I have a YouTube tutorial and a big cardboard box that says that within a couple of days, I will have built a pretty nifty darkened hidey hole in which to take my photos.

I’ve tried out unexpected colour combinations and discovered that navy blue and pink are truly stunning together.  I’ve upped my nail care regime from non-existent to casual and have discovered the importance of keeping my mini canvases in the best possible shape.  I’ve learned how to make my own glitter polish and have put into place plans to “release” my own “line.”  I’ve perused other nail blogs and have discovered a whole community of smart, funny and yes, polished-obsessed ladies whose creativity is truly inspiring.  Best of all, I’ve been inspired to start this blog, giving my formaldehyde fume-fueled ramblings a much-needed outlet.

Now to learn how to post some photos to accompany those ramblings!

The First

I was prepared to start this blog post – my first foray into blogging EVAH – with a laboured meditation on the anxiety of sending one’s lovingly crafted thoughts out into the howling abyss of the Interwebs.  Then I remembered that everybody and their grandmother has a blog these days, or more accurately, nobody cares!  It’s old hat, no big deal, and that abyss?  It’s filling up fast, mostly with aggregate sites chock full of wacky cat videos.  So why not toss in a few wacky cat videos of my own two wacky cats, and follow it up with some pretty pictures of my latest adventures in nail art?  Because if the Internet is missing anything, by god, it’s more one-sided commentary, cat content and nail swatches.