Cobra Club

Cobra Club

Earlier this week I attended a super hush-hush underground dinner club by the name of Cobra at the behest of my more-adventurous-than-I best friend. Sort of a roving foodie rave-turned-carnival, it featured some of my city’s finest chefs doing their thing in a fun, mostly secret party atmosphere, sans rules, sans limitations.

This led to a number of very fun and tasty dishes, of course, but also a whole lot of weird. Offal weird. Exotic bird weird. Rodents that run around your front yard weird. TESTICLES weird. It was like every participating chef received the memo that all they could serve was FOOD THAT SCARES. I tried a bit of nearly everything in the spirit of not being a massive party pooper, but yikes, some parts really should just stay ON the animal, you know?

But still, the whole evening was a trip, from the moment I was ushered into the venue by a man in a tinfoil cap to the instant I realized that duck testicles are really not so bad once you get over the shock of eating genitalia.

So in honour of the oddest evening, and dining experience, I believe I’ve had in…ever, I did these nails, combining both the Cobra (in a tinfoil cap) AND the weird animal parts (why yes, those are the duck testicles on my thumb!)

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