Bow Tied

Bow Tied

More from the “swore up and down I’d never do it” files: Tiny resin and rhinestone bows.

I picked up a pack of these multi-coloured bows on uber sale from Claire’s a while back, but hadn’t yet had the opportunity to try them out until tonight when I painted my nails with a new (to me) polish, Picture Polish’s Electric Dream, a gorgeous pinky-raspberry shot through with gold microglitter. It’s a stunner, maybe the most beautiful colour I’ve ever seen, and the magpie in me just can’t stop staring at its pretty prettiness.

Not wanting to clutter up a really good thing with a bunch of nail art, I thought a single, simple bow would do the trick, giving an already beautiful backdrop a fun and trashy-glam little twist.

Plus I’m happy to report that those resin bows? Not as horrible as I thought. Not by a longshot. Although this is very much a “one and you’re done” kind of manicure; great for an evening out, but nothing you can maintain over the long-run.

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