I Think I’ll Keep Him

I Think I'll Keep Him

Yes, today is the day children run around in costumes extorting candy from their neighbours in exchange for not egging their homes, but it’s also a day nearer and dearer to my heart, because it’s my wedding anniversary! My husband and I are celebrating our ninth this Halloween, and moments of blinding rage aside (dude, how can you not know where the cheese grater is kept after nine freaking years?!?) I can’t imagine my life without him. I don’t want to imagine my life without him. What can I say, the man just gets me.

Which is why when it came time to honour our nine year union with little gifts, he played right into my nail art wheelhouse and came home toting a very promising Sephora bag full of sweet Nails Inc. swag, including this fun little holographic number, Fibre Optic in Mayfair Mews.

So I did these nails in honour of my husband, my best friend, who has always been willing to trudge around the city by bus to get his wife a glittery little something just because it will put a smile on her face. I guess I have no choice now but to keep him for at least another nine years. 😉

Plus he fixes my computer. You just can’t kick a man out of bed who can do THAT.

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