A New Challenge

Not that long ago I confessed that I had become somewhat disenchanted with my new favourite hobby, nail art and nail art-related activities.  I had fallen into a rut with my designs that no amount of cruising the boards on Pinterest could rectify.  So looking to boost my slightly waning interest, I looked back, to a video game favourite of mine called Alice: Madness Returns.  Next thing you know, whammo kablammo, I’ve got my mojo back and a backlog of fun ideas just itching to be captured in tiny, laquered form.  You can see the results of those efforts here: 


But like sands through the hourglass and all that ponderous stuff, life has once again come full circle and I am – insert massive eyeroll – booooorrrrred.  Here in Canada we’re in a no man’s land of holidays, caught somewhere between the end of Halloween and the beginning of Christmas, and it’s wreaking havoc with my nail art inspiration.  I tell you, what am I supposed to do without a major holiday guiding my designs?

So I have decided to issue myself another challenge, this time looking to the princesses, villainesses and other fun ladies of the Disney universe for a little bit of design inspiration.  And there’s a fair amount of content there; not too surprisingly, the Disney girls have closets that could rival the great Cher Horowitz, a girl who, now that I think about it, would make an excellent princess! 

But back to the task at hand.  The rules of this challenge are simple: There are no rules!  No time limits, no locked-in themes, no major plans.  I’ll just go until I run out of Disney ladies and/or steam, once again, whichever comes first!

Despite never being much of a princess girl, I’ve always had a soft spot for Snow White.  As a fellow pale brunette, I like seeing a girl who’s just as afraid of nature as I’ve always been.  And with good reason!  First she’s led into the woods to die and then she’s forced to clean house for seven maladjusted men.  Would you go into the woods if that was waiting for you?  No thanks!  So with my favourite in mind,  I’m starting off with a design inspired by a girl who really ought to know by now to inspect her produce, Snow White.

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