Disney Girl Challenge: Cruella DeVil

Disney Girl Challenge: Cruella DeVil

Hey look, it’s another “When I was 17, it was a very good year”-style post!

BUT when I actually was about 17, I went to Disney World with my parents, and during a trip to a gorgeous all-Barbie store in Downtown Disney, I fell in love with a first edition, first-in-the-series Cruella DeVil Barbie. Never mind that I was 17 and Barbies had ceased being a thing for me some five years previous, never mind the impracticalities of such a collectibles-only purchase and never mind the $80 price tag, I HAD TO HAVE HER.

I had my own money at that point, having babysat for years and having also recently started a part-time job, and I had no problem spending it in such a fashion, but my parents were a different story. I didn’t have to ask to know they wouldn’t be down with me spending so much money in such a way, so I…(whispers) sort of dodged ’em. After a bit of poking around the store they were ready to leave, so I said I’d catch up with them outside in a few, totally omitting the part where I planned on buying a ludicrously priced Barbie that in hindsight probably put me/us over our duty free limits, which could have been awkward had we been called on it. Which we weren’t, so yay us!

So where’s Cruella today? In a bin full of old memory stuff, still unwrapped, still untouched, although, oddly enough, greatly loved, her stern plastic countenance a reminder that sometimes we part with our money in seemingly stupid ways that never come to much of a point, but still manage to delight us nevertheless.

As for my parents’ reaction? Well, funny you say that, because should they read this (hi Mom, hi Dad!) this will be the first they’re learning of Cruella’s true price tag. I’m pretty sure I never divulged that particular detail, although they certainly knew I had bought her in the first place. Ah, parental deception – the cornerstone of any good teen-parent relationship. 😉


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