Jelly Sammich

Jelly Sammich

Continuing the mad run of jelly-based manicures I’ve been squeezing in between all the Disney stuff like some sort of glittery palette cleanser, here’s a jelly sandwich, a nice and simple, you’re-bound-to-have-the-necessary-supplies-at-home manicure for the newbie looking to try out an easy nail art technique.

You’ll want to start with two base coats of a super sheer polish. Here I used a creamy nude, Essie’s Adore-a-Ball. It’s important that the polish you choose be truly sheer – something that will take multiple coats to become opaque – because you’ll be layering it over a coat of glitter, and you don’t want it to simply cover the glitter. We’re making a sandwich here, not a cheese-sauce covered Monte Cristo. Ooh, Monte Cristo…

Sorry! Sorry, got distracted there for a second. Once your base coat has dried, brush on a coat or two of a glitter topper and let dry. Here I used OPI’s Minnie Mouse-inspired Minnie Style, a fun combination of hot pink, red and white square and hex glitter in a clear base.

Then returning to your sheer base polish, brush a nice, even coat over top of the glitter and let dry, then seal the whole works in with the top coat of your choice. The last thing you should do is a victory dance, because your nails will look wicked fly!

The goal here is to make the glitter appear to be embedded in the polish as opposed to riding on top of it. This is also a super fun method of creating your own dupes of more expensive or harder-to-find polishes by combining two looks-close-enoughs and seeing what shakes down!

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