Speckled Candy Eggs

Speckled Candy Eggs

These nails, inspired by those delicious little candy-coated chocolate eggs you can buy around Easter, are a weather-related cry for help. The weather has been miserable for days where I live – overcast, rainy and cold, and yesterday it snowed enough for all the kids in town to get really, really excited for snowball-chucking season, while the adults just started panicking about the price of snow tires. Dreading winter is just one of those things you do in Canada, even though there’s not a damn thing you can do to stem its frozen, encroaching tide.

Well, *I* can do something, in the form of turning back the seasons on my nails and featuring a design better suited to the spring. There’s plenty of time for winter/Christmas/holiday themed nails later – now we could use a little much-needed brightening!

Once again, these nails were super easy to do; a great choice for the beginner nail artist. Here I brushed on two coats each of five different pastel polishes. After they had dried, I took a small detail brush with a fine head and, dipping it into some dark brown polish, dotted the polish on in uneven bits, bobs and smooshes. VERY technical, I know! 😉 But don’t worry about getting everything “perfect,” as the main attraction with this type of design are in fact its imperfections. When the brown bits have dried, take your detail brush once again and repeat the bitting, bobbing and smooshing in a few spots with a white or cream polish to really get that speckled egg effect. Finally, top the whole thing off with the top coat of your choice, although I find that matte top coats give the best eggshell-type effect to this type of manicure.

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