Holoback Girl

Holoback Girl

“Harumph, I don’t get all this holographic polish business,” I may have been overheard grumbling to my husband more than once or twice. “They sell out in two seconds flat and all the nail bloggers talk about them like it’s the second coming of nail polish. It’s malarkey, I say!”

Okay, so I probably didn’t say malarkey, but up until about an hour ago my opinion of the much-lauded holographic polish was dismissive at best, disdainful at worst. But now that I’ve tried out my fresh-from-the-nail-mail bottle of Ozotic’s creatively named 528, I declare myself a changed woman. I get it now; my nails are eight colours of stunning from 20 different directions – just about literally – and I can’t stop staring at my hands. This makes blogging difficult, but thankfully I’m dictating this to my cat.

Kidding! Maybe.

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