The Polish Games: Beyond Lacquerdome

The Polish Games: Beyond Lacquerdome

It’s time to limber up your paws and stretch your claws, fellow bloggers and nail art enthusiasts, because it’s contest time!  Time to take up arms (dotting tools and detail brushes) and lay hellish waste to the lacquered landscape, leaving naught behind but the bitter tears of our vanquished foes.  Or, you know, something.

Actually, no, I’m sure it’ll all be very civilized.  Sponsored by the polish-lovin’ folks over at Nail Polish Canada, the Holiday Nail Art Challenge covers three weeks and three themed designs.  This week’s challenge theme is snow.  

Please do stop by the link above and vote for my little creation, if you’d be so kind (Ice Storm by Finger Candy.)  Or if you’d like to vote for someone else’s amazing nail art, you can do that, too, but be warned: I’ll cry and then you’ll be sad.  Or grab your weapons and come up with an entry of your own, and then we’ll all be just *that* much closer to the above-referenced gladiator-style showdown.  See you in the ring!

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