Pansy Power

Pansy Power

Not that she’d notice (because she’d be have to be awake for that to happen) but these nails are for my cat Porky. She’s old and cranky, bitches me out every single morning until I give her soft chow and makes it smell like cat breath under the covers when she demands under-the-blanket naps. She kind of drives me bonkers, but she’s also my best friend and I love her more than anything.

She is, surprisingly, a cat of not that many quirks. You want quirks, look to my other cat, Weegie, who is the feline equivalent of that guy at the party with a lampshade on his head. But if Porky has a “thing,” it’s munching potted pansies on the balcony in the springtime. I love pansies, and I noticed that she loved them, too, many years ago when I found a pot I had brought indoors out of the chill totally denuded of all blossoms. She’s a savage pansy destroyer, that one. No doubt these painted pansies will last a little bit longer around her than the real deal. 🙂

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