Little Blue Boxes

Little Blue Boxes

You can’t go wrong if you either find or place a Tiffany’s box under your Christmas tree this year. Tiffany’s is the gift that keeps on giving (I have a number of pieces myself and I have worn the everloving crap out of them) and those adorable little robin’s egg blue boxes are just the icing on the shiny, hopefully diamond-encrusted cake.

Actually, Tiffany diamonds are way, way, waaaayyyy outside the normal person’s price range. Gorgeous, yes, but yikes, are they abusive to the pocketbook. So it’s quite apropos that for the strands of gems on my ring finger, I busted out one of my rarer and more expensive polishes, Enchanted Polish’s Across the Universe. It’s all about the little luxuries, even if you can’t quite afford some of the larger ones. 😉


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