Who’s a Pretty Girl?

Who's a Pretty Girl?

So it appears as though I *may* have become one of those people who stare at their painted nails in rapt wonder, shifting them from one light-catching angle to another and wondering aloud (to the slight consternation of those around them) about such vageries as linear holo and glitter payoff.

But it’s not an entirely bad headspace to be in, especially not when there’s lovelies to gawk at like this polish, Enchanted Polish’s Across the Universe. It’s gorgeous, one of those silly little things that’s given me greater joy than the sum of its parts, so if that means talking about its linear holo (which is stunning, by the way!) then sign. me. up.

Here I’ve shown Across the Universe indoors in the shade, and then from two different angles in the sun. Pretty any which way you slice it.

4 thoughts on “Who’s a Pretty Girl?

    • Thank you! I always feel ever so slightly silly talking about such matters with “civilians” – thank goodness for a nail blogging community that knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about. šŸ™‚

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