2 thoughts on “Candied Canes

  1. This is so freaking cute. I *love* the float effect! I’d be tempted to try glitter over the top of it so it looked like a candy canes floating in a Christmas galaxy. Ooooooo, or some tiny dots in some of the spaces and go over it with the jelly again for a pond effect.

    And people used to eat celery flavored jello. Candy Cane Jelly Salad Surprise sound waaaay better.

    • Thank you! And the glitter/dot/whichever way you go thing sounds AWESOME. Or if you could wrangle a glitter or some very thin decals into a design and bury *them* in the jelly…too many ideas, not enough nails!

      I’ve seen old ads for celery jello, too. It would probably be, uh, refreshing? Cucumber jello would probably be better…and all that just reminds me that I really need to keep my eye out for a green-coloured jelly polish!

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