Oh, Deer

Oh, Deer

It’s said necessity is the mother of invention. I like to think it’s looking down at your nails and seeing that you’ve painted a giant striped cat fur into your thumbnail AGAIN, necessitating the invention of a completely new design to accommodate the offending feline hair follicle.

Here I painted a couple of lovestruck reindeer onto my thumb. I like to think they wandered onto my nails from somebody else’s nail art, shamelessly tromping all over my freshly painted fingertips before decamping to my thumb for a smooch, upon which the reindeer on the left tried to get fresh with the one on the right, who then whalloped him on the head with one of her hooves, resulting in his wonky black-eyed look. Hey, every nail art has its story. šŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Oh, Deer

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