The name of any animal, the plural of which is also the singular, is automatically made 59.7 percent funnier with the addition of the letter S. Sheeps. Mooses. Deers and mouses. Mices? Meeses? See, funny!

Here I revisited an early design, some blank-eyed sheep standing on a glittering, grassy knoll. The little guy on my thumb is dancing up a storm, boogieing to the tune of individuality (and Tom Jones, I think,) kicking up little bits of grass as he goes. What? Tell me I’m not the only one who makes up back stories for her nail art. Right? Hello? *crickets*

10 thoughts on “Sheeps

      • I’m longing for Spring already as well and the really cold weather hasn’t even hit us here (yet). We’ve just had lots of rain, which I’m totally sick of, but thankfully the flooding hasn’t hit too close to where I live, some people have been badly affected though. Spring weather and nail varnish colours seem a long way off. I’m tempted to break out the pastels already, but I know come the middle of summer I’ll be missing all the dark jewel tones so I’m telling myself to enjoy wearing them now.

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