Sushi For Me

Sushi For Me

Never content to leave well enough alone, here I painted some tiny toros and tamagos over top of a bubbly looking jelly sandwich manicure. Me? I’m all about the tempura shrimp roll, and white tuna belly is divine, but neither one’s particularly fun to capture in formaldehyde form! 😉

5 thoughts on “Sushi For Me

    • Thanks! It was that or uni, which…is horrible! I’ll eat lots of different types of sushi, but I draw the line at uni, it’s just so gross. A character on a show I watch, Raising Hope, ate some once and said it was like the ocean had sneezed in his mouth!

      • Haha! That is a horrible analogy! I’ve always been curious to try it though (none of the sushi restaurants near me serve anything quite so adventurous – salmon, tuna, etc etc – the usual!) but maybe not now after hearing that.

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