Up, No Strings Attached

Up, No Strings Attached

This manicure started in one place and wound up in another entirely. Or I should say it started in no place, as I had no plans for anything other than the colour palette – neons – and my desire to do as much as I could with nothing more than a double-ended dotting tool.

Five fingers’ worth of eye-searing neon dots later I took a step back, regarded my efforts and concluded that I had rather unknowingly recreated the balloon design from the Disney Pixar movie Up…just without the strings! There’s undoubtedly a lesson to be learned here about not tethering yourself to one artistic vision, of learning to spread your wings and fly, so high, or some such treacly nonsense, but I’ll simply remain content with having created a really cute manicure, even if it was nearly totally accidental! 🙂

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