It seems a tad too early into the not-quite-new year for me to be experiencing my annual bout of Too Much Winteritis, but judging from the fact that my last six manicures have been bright, springy and glittery, I’d say I’m right in the throes of SAD, or as some of us here in eastern Ontario occasionally call it, Suck Ass Disorder. As in this weather sucks ass, time to bring on the warm(er.)

Here I revisited another favourite design, the watermelon, giving it a little gradient twist. And feeling the need to use two Candy Lacquer polishes in one evening, I added a couple of accent nails in a mouthwatering melon shade topped with Licorice Allsorts, a fun matte glitter topper I’ve gone back to time and time again.

4 thoughts on “Watermeloncholia

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