Making New Friends

Making New Friends

I think it’s safe to say that in life – and more specifically in nail polish-related commerce – we all occasionally buy something with the best of intentions that simply. doesn’t. work. Oh sure, it promises us the moon, the stars and everything in between, but in practice it just ain’t happening (I’m looking at you, magnetic nail polish; you’re just weird.)

So imagine my total delight when I cracked open a new-to-me product, Incoco nail polish strips, hoping for the best, sort of expecting the worst, and being TOTALLY MISTAKEN.

Because friends, these things are fabulous! Made of real nail polish and offered in about 150 different designs and colours, these nail strips are not only gorgeous, but also dead easy to use. Absolute polish newbies would have no problem whatsoever wrangling these babies, as they’re little more than peel and stick (and stand back to admire!)

And the finish? Outstanding. The set I’m sporting in this photo, Galactic Glitz, look heavily textured, but they’re smooth as silk, no top coat necessary. And while I regrettably won’t be able to speak to their durability and longevity (two weeks, supposedly), as time waits for no nail blogger, I’ll point out that I’ve washed my hands about 10 times since applying them (flu season, you know) and they still look perfect. Removal is likewise easy – I goofed on my pinkie and had to reapply a strip (not as economically devastating as you’d think, as there’s 16 to a pack) and it came right off with regular remover.

Now, isn’t it nice when something works out just so? 🙂 Colour me terrifically impressed; these nail polish strips are definitely a do-over. If you’d like to check out Incoco’s offerings (including some adorable Valentine’s designs) you can find them here. Bet you can’t buy just one! Heavens knows I couldn’t.

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