Continuing my streak of manis featuring Polish Me Silly polishes (guess who got her post-Christmas nail mail today?) this manicure features a fun neon glitter topper by the name of Freckles and the third nail art design I ever attempted, the almighty fluffy cupcake!

The indie polish market is flooded with neon glitter toppers, most of them quite similar, but Freckles is a standout – with its mix of fine matte glitter and ultra even coverage, it gives an almost dainty look to your nails, a word not normally found in the same sentence as either “neon” or “glitter”!

Note: I feel the somewhat unnecessary (but it’s nagging me, so I’ll do it) need to point out that I’m not affiliated with Polish Me Silly in any way, just a new and very impressed customer trying out her lovely goodies. Although it is rather outstanding that they went four for four in one order – not a dud in the bunch, and that’s a bit of a rarity. Plus, it’s always nice to acknowledge the good work of a company – particularly a small one – that has their act together.

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