Gettin’ Crafty With It: Sweet Weege

Gettin' Crafty With It: Sweet Weege

I actually made this glitter topper, an ultimately quite Valentiney mix of matte white, brown, gold, rose holo and pink heart glitters, with my cat Weegie in mind. She’s a cute little brown and orange and black striped thing, what one might uncharitably – but accurately – consider your standard issue barn cat, and she looks absolutely nothing like this glitter! So I couldn’t tell you how on earth this polish came about if it was based on my tubby little sweetie, but it’s here now and I love it, naming inconsistencies and all!

Here I layered two light coats of Sweet Weege over top of a couple of cream-on-pink and pink-on-brown gradients. The result is a very festive manicure that reminds me not one bit of my cat, but very much of chocolate cherries (which, yuck – fruit and chocolate together seems like a concept I should like, but I JUST CAN’T. I’d sooner eat this bottle of polish.)

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