Oh, Cookie, Cookie, Cookie!

Oh, Cookie, Cookie, Cookie!

My husband has been nattering at me – sweetly, but persistently – for days to make my super awesome, sweet and salty chocolate chip cookies. I finally gave in today, only to discover that the brown sugar had solidified into a crystalline log. Once I got that sorted out (through the power of the almighty Brown Sugar Bear) I got lax with the vanilla and added, oh, about 20 times more than I had intended. Then I discovered that the only chocolate chips I had in the house were of the milk chocolate variety, which, I mean, it’s still chocolate, but also yuck? Finally, I decided tonight would be the perfect opportunity to try out the convection feature on my new-ish oven, and owing to some combination of wonky brown sugar, excessive vanilla and not knowing a damn thing about the convection feature on my new-ish oven, the cookies browned nearly to the point of burning. And yes, I get that these are all trivial matters, as there’s still cookies to be had, but that seems like an excessive amount of screwing up for one recipe, no? I’ve actually been told that I’m good at making them, too, which makes this whole wicked scene that much more aggravating.

Less aggravating and easier to accomplish? These nails, which came together so much better than the actual cookies that inspired them. And all of it overseen by the Grand Master of Cookies himself, Cookie Monster!

Edit: My husband just ate one, nodded and said, “Good!” But this is a man that eats peanut butter on veggie burgers, so let’s not listen to him on any matters pertaining to food or taste buds, okay?

5 thoughts on “Oh, Cookie, Cookie, Cookie!

    • Thank you! I love the way the cookies just fly out of his mouth all willy nilly – I think all the worry warts out there fretting about Cookie Monster’s negative impact on the dietary habits of children should note that he doesn’t actually eat them, just sprays them all over the floor!

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