Rah Rah

Rah Rah

These nails wound up looking a lot more like cheerleading uniforms than I had intended (I was a cheerleader in my senior years of high school, and not a very good one at that; I had fun (?) but I wouldn’t recommend it.)

The actual inspiration for this manicure is a devastatingly gorgeous crushed velvet dress that Eva Green’s character, Angelique, wears in the Tim Burton movie Dark Shadows. It’s a stunning combination of super tailored blue velvet lined with blood red satin, and not the kind of thing I generally retain from a movie unless it’s fabulous, which this dress absolutely is.

The glittery royal blue I used here, Sephora Formula X’s Catalyst, gives these nails the perfect colour and texture of Angie’s dress, but I think I took a misstep with the scallop design, which sends the whole thing veering solidly into unintended “B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E territory. Plus the glitter on my middle finger is a little pom pom-esque. And a red, white and blue colour scheme always winds up looking a bit Friday Night Lights…hmm, makes you wonder if I had Angelique’s dress in mind at all!

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