Love Is Like a Box of Chocolates

Love Is Like a Box of Chocolates

Or so the greeting card companies and Big Candy would lead you to believe, mwahahahahahaha! I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth and I generally find Valentine’s Day to be both a bore and a chore, but one V-Day, after getting rather horribly dumped the month previous, I contemplated rolling a girl on the street for the heart-shaped, red velvet-flocked behemoth of a box of chocolates she was attempting to negotiate down the busy sidewalk. That I don’t like chocolate very much and probably wouldn’t appreciate such a gift was besides the point; she just looked so delighted, presumably with whoever gave her the giant box of cocoa solids and palm oil, and I just wanted some of that happiness to rub off on me. Dem’s dark days in the aftermath of a bad breakup when you’re forced to soldier through your first solo Valentine’s Day without someone to give you crap gifts, let me tell you.

But on a much happier – although still seasonally appropriate – note, we have these nails, a nod to boxed chocolates, and my entry in the Valentine’s Day nail art contest currently being run by Beauty Expression by Luchessa and Polish Aholic.

Here I tried my hand (and index and ring fingers) at the negative space technique, wherein you polish your digits and then acetone-out your design down to the bare, naked nail. Which I actually did here with the little hearts – and rather painlessly at that – until I promptly filled them in with a butterscotch-coloured jelly polish for the perfect caramel “filling,” thus negating the, um, negation. But trust me when I say I did a slammin’ job with the negative space nails. And now that I’ve said it, it shall never, ever happen again! 😉

For these nails I used a veritable bouquet of mix and match brands, including OPI’s super popular off-white, My Vampire is Buff, OPI’s medium brown, A-Taupe the Space Needle, Finger Paints’ rich chocolate brown, You’re Kiln Me, Nfu Oh’s caramel coloured jelly, JS39, and for a dash of sparkle, Ruby Wing’s gold-to-red UV colour changer, Strawberry Shortcake.

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