My Heart Goes Glitter Patter

My Heart Goes Glitter Patter

Isn’t it wonderful when a nail polish seems custom made just for you? Isn’t it even wonderfuller when it IS made just for you, and by your own well polished paws, to boot? Sure, the noxious vapours emanating from the bottle of suspension base have you and your cats stumbling around like little pie-eyed drunks and you’ll be finding glitter in places no glitter should ever be found for WEEKS, but it’s still very satisfying to make your own nail polish.

Here I layered my latest homebrew, Sweet Weege, over top of L’Oreal’s Because You’re Worth It, a chromatic gold that’s lovely but goes with virtually nothing but for…Sweet Weege. Hmm, it’s almost like might have happened on purpose, no? 😉

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