If you grew up in the ’80s or early to mid-’90s, you know in the world of irregularly shaped comic books, Garfield was the shit. First published in 1978, Garfield, a Jim Davis creation, tells the story of a fat orange tabby cat named Garfield who loves lasagna and napping and either outright hates or has a great deal of disdain for, amongst other things, diets, Mondays, his “owner” John and his frenemy and roommate, Odie the dog.

Here, amidst a water marble that could use some serious, serious work (it was easy enough to do, but in the harsh light of iPhotography, it kind of looks like butt!) I paid homage to one of Garfield’s bigger life annoyances, Nermal, the so-called “World’s Cutest Kitten.” And he is! He’s an adorable little grey tabby kitten and everyone loves him, except, of course, for Garfield. And I really can’t say I blame the guy; too much Nermal can start to grate on one’s nerves. Which is why for these nails I’ve confined his aggravating adorableness to my ring finger. Can’t let Garfield get jealous, and I ALWAYS side with the chubby cats. 🙂

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