Glitter and Gradients

Glitter and Gradients

Here in eastern Ontario we’ve suffered through approximately 9 billion (give or take) snowstorms, ice storms and slush storms this winter, all creating minor bits of chaos throughout the city and casting a pall of bumminess across just about everything we do. So imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to mild(er) temperatures and that whiff of defrosting dog poo (you know the smell) that signals that spring might actually be just around the corner. Or perhaps the next corner. Then take a left, hang a right, go down the stairs and spring will be behind the door dead ahead, I promise.

So with an added spring(time) in my step, and looking for a gradient-based submission for the third week of the February N.A.I.L. Challenge, I did these almost-seasonal nails, although with their rich colour palette and eye-searing holographic glitter, I think I may have bypassed spring entirely and jumped straight to summer. Tomay-toe, toma-toe, right?

Oh crap. A dispatch from the enemy (translation: The Weather Network) tells me that my city is expected to receive about 12 solid hours of freezing rain, starting tonight! Sigh. Looks like I’ll be in need of more “No, really, will this winter ever end?” manis, and stat.

2 thoughts on “Glitter and Gradients

    • It’s one of my favourites – I’ve used it a lot. Fairyland from Candy Lacquer, a little indie brand. It’s got every shape under the sun in there, too – stars, hearts, squares, butterflies, circles…love it.

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