I did these nails, your fairly standard galaxy design, days ago and have been sitting on the photos ever since, trying – in vain! – to come up with something witty and punny to say about interstellar clouds, ionized space gas and gravitational collapse. In the end, it’s rather hard to make jokes about such topics when you know absolutely nothing about the field of astronomy (the fact that I almost wrote that as “astrology” should tell you something about my grasp of the space-centric sciences.)

So with nothing clever to say about a gorgeous cosmic event I know oh so very little about (the Wiki page on nebulae alone makes my brain hurt), I’ll simply point out that these nails were a blast to do; a sponge painting-based technique well suited to nail art newbies and casual obsessives alike. Simply Google some high res photos of the universe beautifully collapsing in on itself and wait for inspiration to strike – I guarantee you won’t be waiting long.

6 thoughts on “Supernova

      • I love the colours too and the way you used glitter – They’re one of my fav galaxy nails – I’ve been too scared to try them even though they look awesome but I want to try yours now 🙂

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