Tardy Mardi and the Really Big Ouch

Tardy Mardi and the Really Big Ouch

“Beaded” Mardi Gras nails, one day late. 😉

These festive nails were super easy to complete and I think they look pretty cute for a design that took next to no time, but the real takeaway here should be the grievous injury I sustained to the nail of my middle finger (my favourite finger!) Yes, after approximately seven months of daily nail art and nail art-related activities, I finally suffered my first irredeemably broken nail – it simply shattered and was not to be put back together again. Seriously, look at that thing – it just *looks* painful, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that it’s just as sore as it appears. Then, to make matters worse, I gouged myself in the finger with my ultra sharp manicure scissors, leading to more soreness and ugly. Truly, it’s a nail disaster on all possible fronts.

But you can’t keep a good manicure down for long, and I refuse to either hide my boo-boo OR resort to stand-in tips, and so the sad, stubby finger remains (as will my uncomfortably awkward new hand positions while taking photos, in an effort to hide the worst of the whole greasy horror show!)

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