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March N.A.I.L. Challenge Themes

We may be mid-way through the month and partway through the prompts, but, dragging my heels notwithstanding, there’s still plenty of time left to get in on March’s N.A.I.L. Challenge. Less of a competition and more of a gentle creative nudging, N.A.I.L. (or the Nail Art Ideas Linkup) seeks to inspire by suggesting a month’s worth of themes (typically something appropriate for the season, but not always) and then stepping back to see what participants bring to the table. Better yet, there are no real rules or parameters beyond submitting your design at some point within the month (handy when, like yours truly back in January, you get sick and effectively step out of life for three solid weeks.)

I quite deftly sidestepped the first week’s theme of stamping, as I possess neither the technical ability required to become a stamping maven, nor the actual materials (I bought a tiny little test kit at one point, sort of an all-in-one “Nail Stamping for Dummies” setup, and indeed I proved to be quite the nail stamping dummy. I love to see other people’s amazing efforts, but it’s really not for me.) But looking forward to the other three prompts – aqua, St. Patrick’s Day and springtime flowers – it’s full steam ahead, so please do stop on by, take a gander at some of the inspired designs and maybe submit an entry of your own. The more the merrier and all that jazz. šŸ™‚

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