In Bloom

Full Bloom Ahead

Looking a bit like spring flowers just beginning to poke through what for this season certainly feels like permafrost (emphasis on the “perma), this is my second bit of nail mail this week, KB Shimmer‘s glitter-embedded Full Bloom Ahead.  It’s less a jelly like yesterday’s KB pick and more a crelly (I abhor that word, even if it is a very apt descriptor of a cream-jelly hybrid), though both are positively packed with glitter, in this case a lovely, springy mix of fuchsia, marigold, orange, navy blue and teal.  It’s a thoroughly odd colour combination that really shouldn’t work, and yet it’s one gorgeous polish that’s beautifully distinctive from all the other glitter-in-a-white-base polishes on the market and a unique addition to any addict’s stash.Full Bloom Ahead

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