Where My Peeps At?

Where My Peeps At?

Mmmm, sugar and red dye # 8-dusted marshmallow “treats” (in quotes, as marshmallow anything and I are not friends.)

Seeing as I love the idea of Peeps, but not so much the actual Peeps themselves, I thought I’d confine these weirdly crunchy, unnaturally hued Eastertime sweets to my fingernails (a place all bizarre foodstuffs I refuse to eat seemingly come to rest.) For these nails, I made good use of OPI’s Beach Sandies collection, a four-piece mini set whose technicolour shades and slightly shimmery textures make them the perfect polishes to capture Peeps’ saccharine stickiness (a project I had in mind from the moment I saw them, actually.)

These nails also constitute my entry in Nail Polish Canada’s Easter Nail Art Contest. So should you find my Peeps to be sweet and you’d like to toss a marshmallow-spackled vote my way, I would be most appreciative. Thank you for your vote, and as always, thank you for continuing to stop by my little corner of the Internet. You give this blog (and blogger) a larger – dare I say funner 😉 – purpose in life.

4 thoughts on “Where My Peeps At?

  1. Hahaha You and I are on the same page regarding peeps… questionable, at best right?! However your nail art is cute and totally fitting for the Easter Challenge!

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