Playing Favourites


This manicure, my first attempt at a base-of-the-nail glitter gradient, features two of my favourite polishes, Picture Polish’s raspberry-hued Electric Dream, and my first ever indie purchase, Candy Lacquer’s Fairyland glitter topper.  The technique I used here was nothing more than simply daubing the glitter onto my nail and carefully pushing it up to my cuticle line, a feat made easier due to the packed-to-the-rafters nature of Fairyland, a stunner I like to describe as Lucky Charms in a bottle.  It’s potent stuff, a mega glitter bomb stuffed with a rainbow of holographic stars, moons, hexes, circles large and small, squares, butterflies, diamonds and probably a few other shapes I haven’t yet encountered. It’s pretty fabulous.  

But far be it from me to let Fairyland hog all the glory when there’s Electric Dream to be had, a fabulous raspberry red polish run through with orangey-gold shimmer. It has earned its place amongst my favourites by virtue of its colour (sublime) and consistency (divine – no application issues in two coats.) Here I’ve shown Electric Dream au naturale, both in the shade and in the sun in order to show off its pretty peachy shimmer.Electric DreamElectric Dream 2

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