Peep This

Peep This 1

Here’s a festive pick from a favourite new-to-me polish maker, KB Shimmer’s Where My Peeps At. That I titled a different Peeps-centric post that exact same thing not too long ago is only moderately embarrassing – I regrettably didn’t know this polish existed at the time, and really, how many Peeps jokes are there in this world? (Edit: As it turns out, there are A LOT of Peeps jokes in this world, as evidenced by the Washington Post’s annual Peeps Diorama Contest in which participants arrange the little marshmallow treats into elaborate mini productions depicting famous scenes from movies, history and current events – and what’s funnier than Peeps re-enacting key scenes from, say, Reservoir Dogs or the charmingly named Peepton Abbey?)

But getting back to the issue at hand (and nails), this is a fantastic polish, a fun, Eastery crelly (ugh, there’s that word again) whose rainbow circle glitter reminds me of jellybeans, although, as always, I do not recommend eating said polish. 😉 Peep This 2

2 thoughts on “Peep This

    • They are SO cute! Peep Fiction (Pulp Fiction) was a favourite, but I also saw one where the chick Peeps are watching a bunch of the bunny Peeps in a “strip” club (peep show?) – it was oddly adorable!

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