Long Cloverdue

Get Clover It 1

I’ve had this polish, KB Shimmer’s Get Clover It, on my hit list for some time now, and thanks to a recent influx of birthday mad money, I’ve been able to give it a good home.  I have a weakness for glittery jelly polishes, and Get Clover It is one of the best – a slightly shimmery dark green jelly studded with green, gold and turquoise circle glitter.  Its name alone suggests it’s best for St. Patrick’s Day applications, but with its grassy green colour and lush, glittery depths (three coats gives the glitter a super cool embedded effect), it’d be great for outdoorsy-themed summertime manis or, say, as a stand-in for the Emerald City in a bit of Wizard of Oz-inspired nail art.Get Clover It 2

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