Beam Me Up, Scottie Dog

Beam Me Up, Scottie Dog

Groan all you want, it’s still funny. 😉 Here I took punny inspiration from the red plaid nail strips I used on my index, middle and pinkie fingers, a punky yet sophisticated design by Incoco, and added a little pop culture twist in the form of one beamed up Scottie dog. It should be noted that this fella is the first canine to grace my nails (I’m one furry pink bathrobe away from being a crazy cat lady) and most likely the first AND last appearance of a Star Trek joke, because despite my husband’s better efforts (like downloading “Learn to Speak Conversational Klingon” to my iPod), Star Trek just ain’t my bag. Sorry, Trekkies – I like the concept, but none of the series have ever really spoken to me.

A note on Incoco nail strips: They’re awesome! Not only are they ridiculously easy to apply (lightly buff your nails, apply the strip just like a sticker, smooth down the edges to ensure a good bond and then buff off the excess) but they’ve got longevity on their side (they only began to show wear and tear after about five days of hard livin’) AND they come in a wide range of fun designs and trendy colours. So have I shilled hard enough? Apparently not, because I forgot to tell you that this weekend, Incoco is offering its usual free shipping with a $50 purchase AND a free set of nail appliques with a $30 purchase. So go make it rain and get creative with some of Incoco’s offerings, and you too can come up with horrible, groany puns about your nail art that would make even your grandpa roll his eyes.

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