Punky Pink

Awesome Blossom 1

I’ve been playing major favourites with my nail polishes this week, choosing a couple of glitter toppers I’ve turned to time and time (and time) again to set against some recent not-so-basic polish purchases.  Here I’ve shown one of the first indies I ever bought, Candy Lacquer’s matte glitter topper, Licorice Allsorts.  It’s fabulous stuff, and more than meets my personal criteria for a favourite polish with its unique colour mix and abundance of random matte shapes.  In a jelly sandwich, it takes on an almost glazed and sprinkled effect, but over just about every other colour, its geometric black and hot pink (and yellow and green and white) glitter gives every mani it touches a girly punk look that’s hard to resist, no matter your age or the last time you stepped on a skateboard (1997) or attended the Warp Tour (never, although I very much wanted to, long past the point of it being an okay thing to do for an old broad such as myself.)

I layered Licorice Allsorts over a new polish, Serum No. 5’s glow in the dark Awesome Blossom.  It’s an eye-searingly bright Barbie pink that glows purpley-pink in the dark (which I could not capture in any form with my rapidly-becoming-an-issue photography setup) and dries to a lightly textured finish.  In the bottle, Awesome Blossom displays the faintest hint of pink shimmer, but on my nails it was totally undetectable, even before dousing them in two coats of Licorice Allsorts.Awesome Blossom 2

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