Best. Polish. Ever.

Sun Still Sleeps Outside

There is no arguing that amongst the nail blogging community, we tend to utilize a lot of hyperbole in our writing and reviews.  This is the best freaking that and that’s the most amazing this and this is the most lustrous, super wonderful thing in the history of things…you know how it goes.  And we’ve all got our own personal preferences (glittery pinks tend to be my jam), so technically none of us are wrong when we go to the mat for a favourite polish.  One big lacquered love-in, man, and all that hippie jazz.

Except you’re totally wrong if you love anything other than this polish, Dance Legend’s Sun Still Sleeps from the Candy Flakes Collection.  I mean, it’s really sweet of you to think you’ve found the holy grail of nail polishes, but you haven’t, because this is it.  And it’s not even glittery pink!  Sun Still Sleeps is a gorgeous cerulean jelly loaded with fine green-to-blue-to-copper-leaning flakies.  It dries a touch textured (nothing a good top coat can’t fix) and thankfully, owing to the tiny flakie bits, isn’t afflicted with that thing its larger-flaked counterparts often suffer from where giant pieces of glitter stick up off your nail and you destroy your manicure within two hours of application because like your cat, you can’t stop nattering at your claws.  It applied beautifully, and three coats gave my nails a gorgeous layered look that was difficult to tear my eyes away from.  It’s one for your inner magpie, that’s for sure.

I don’t often recommend products because a) in the parlance of Nirvana, I’d rather not be a baby-kissin’ corporate whore (pfft, whatever – idealism is for people in their 20s; show this old broad the money!) and b) if it doesn’t work out, I’d prefer it if you didn’t blame me, but most of all, because c) I don’t like to share, and if you find out how awesome it is, you might buy it all and then I’ll have none. 😦  But I’m feeling magnanimous in my advancing years, and who am I to hog all the glory?  One love, man, right?!  And so I’ll share – I got mine from Llarowe, along with another couple of polishes, my first Dance Legend purchases.  I nabbed mine during a recent bolt-to-the-checkout launch event after which I breathlessly – here we go with the hyperbole again – announced to my husband, “Wow, that was INTENSE!”  He rightfully looked at me like I was a loon.  I have no doubt it’s sold out as we speak, because it’s just one of those polishes, but check back with Llarowe periodically, as they update their launch lists frequently. 

Here’s Sun Still Sleeps in the late afternoon sun, at an angle to show off its beautiful colour-shifting flakes.Sun Still Sleeps Sun

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