Mr. Bubble

Mr. Bubble

Or, upon laughter-inducing second thought, Mr. Bubble’s can’t-be-remotely-legal, non-unionized representative. But sure, we’ll say that giant-nosed pink blob is Mr. Bubble, king of many a child (and adult’s) bubblegum-scented bath time!

For this manicure, I made good use of a couple of Nails Inc. polishes, topping a favourite bubbly pink, Picture Polish’s Electric Dream, with Nails Inc.’s cobalt Baker Street and Feathers top coat in Cornwall. With their naturally sweet overtones (baby rooms! baby clothes! baby everything!) pink and blue colour combos often come across as cloying and maybe a tad juvenile, but thanks to the ultra vivid polishes I used in this manicure and the short, geometric bars of the blue and white top coat, it’s anything but. Wonkily-branded cartoon figurehead aside, this glitter-topped gradient would make for a fun spring look with a touch more edge than the all-pastels-all-the-time manis you typically see around this time of year.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Bubble

  1. Thanks! I’m always at a bit of a loss for how to use feathered effect top coats (which is why I only have one. Oh crap, and one pending an upcoming batch of nail mail!

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