The Hunt is On

The Huntress

Here’s a gorgeous jelly-based glitter polish, The Huntress, from yet another new-to-me indie polish maker, Gloss ‘N Sparkle.  I’m telling you, a recent influx of birthday mad money has put quite a dent in my nail polish wish list, with this one joining the family after some (okay, more like no) dithering.  So I’m pleased to report that The Huntress, a blackened teal jelly loaded with green, purple, black and silver holographic glitter, is a fantastic polish and a fine addition to any glitter-lover’s stash.  Fully opaque in two coats and bearing the characteristic depth common to jelly ‘n glitter polishes, its twinkling glitter nestled in the dark green polish reminds me of fairy lights dancing in the trees in some magical swamp (it would have to be, because as most of us can attest, swamps aren’t generally all that magical!  Unless of course you think brackish, algae-coated cesspools are off the chain, in which case seek help.)The Huntress

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