999 Happy Haunts

Haunted Mansion

When I was a kid – and okay, maybe even now – I dreamed of living in the Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World.  When my parents and I would visit the Magic Kingdom (a nearly yearly event) we’d ride the Mansion, squished side by side by side in our Doom Buggy, and I’d imagine what it would be like when I lived there by myself (with my husband, if he was lucky and shared my affinity for gloomy and ghost-infested dwellings.)  I wasn’t scared by the thought of sharing my home with a bunch of restless – albeit benign – spooks, and I positively loved the idea of cruising around my palatial, decrepit abode in my own personal Buggy, ending every day with a giant jazz party in the attic graveyard.  I remember one year on one of the day’s multiple go-rounds (no day at the Magic Kingdom was complete without at least a few visits to the Haunted Mansion) the ride stopped directly in front of Madame Leota’s crystal ball long enough for me to start optimistically thinking that maybe it would never start back up again and we’d all be forced to stay there overnight.  But Disney is nothing but a well oiled machine, and when the ride started back up 10 minutes and four repeated séances later, I left my little dream behind…at least until the next ride a couple hours later. 🙂

These nails, which draw inspiration from the gothic, Damask-style wallpaper that lines the halls of the Mansion, have been a long time coming.  Until now, I just didn’t feel like I had the tools, the skill or the time required to pull them off (egads, they took an eternity.)  But thanks to a new set of ultra tiny dotting tools, one rainy afternoon and a recent flurry of experimental nail art that hasn’t turned out half bad, I thought I’d give them a shot.  All in all, not a bad effort befitting my favouritest place on earth. 

These nails also represent my return to the Nail Art Ideas Linkup and my interpretation of May’s week one challenge prompt, travel and tourism. My husband and I have not taken a holiday in forever, and I long to visit Disney World and the Mansion so badly, it’s almost palpable. It very nearly rolls off me in waves, and I’m pretty sure there’s a smell associated with it, too (in case you’re wondering, Disney World smells like various combustible gases, churros and sweet, sweet air conditioning.)

And how’s this for thematically appropriate?  For the black detailing on these nails I used a polish I picked up last Halloween simply because I knew one day I’d find a use for its little tombstone-shaped bottle, Wet N Wild’s Fantasy Makers in Darkest Hour.  And lo, I did indeed find a use for it, in a manicure about all things haunted, appropriately enough!Darkest Hour Outside

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