Disney Girl Challenge: Minnie Mouse

Disney Girl Challenge: Minnie Mouse

It occurred to me today that over the course of 30 some-odd Disney-themed manicures, I’ve yet to tackle the OG grand dame herself, Mickey’s lady love, Miss Minnie Mouse. So I set about rectifying that lapse in judgement by whipping up these nails, which draw heavy inspiration from Minnie’s iconic red and white polka dotted bow. And as an extra meta touch, the glitter I used here is OPI’s red and white Minnie Style from last year’s Couture de Minnie Collection.

Too many years ago now my parents and I went to Disney World and visited Mickey’s Toontown, which was the kids area in the Magic Kingdom where the wee ones could ride a giant caterpillar coaster travelling at a rate of approximately half a mile per hour, or walk through Mickey’s quaint and cartoony family home. My parents and I, of course, being the perverts we were and continue to be, spent the majority of our walking tour trying to spot the encroachment of Minnie’s belongings into Mickey’s territory in an effort to figure out just what the heck their relationship status was anyways. I can tell you that there were giant yellow high heeled shoes in the closet, which…I mean, I guess it could go both ways, you know? That Mickey’s an enigma (and I’m a pervert; you can’t say you weren’t warned.)

3 thoughts on “Disney Girl Challenge: Minnie Mouse

  1. I bought this Minnie glitter last week! I kept thinkin about it so I figured I should just buy it!! I think it will also come in handy for v-day, Christmas and independence day designs 🙂

    • I bought it just to round out an order (you know, one of those buy two, get whatever kind of deals) and I didn’t really think I was going to use it very much, but I actually use it all the time. Like you said, so great for Valentine’s Day and Christmas and anything red, white and blue, but it’s also great for jelly sandwiches, and it looks amazing over bright pinks and blacks.

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