Disney Girl Challenge: Elsa the Snow Queen

Disney Girl Challenge: Elsa the Snow Queen

I’m actually partial to the black and teal and magenta outfit Elsa wears before she bolts from Arendelle, but I respect her need to let it go (LET IT GOOOOOO!) and change into something a little less restrictive and high-necked.

This is the first manicure I’ve done inspired by Frozen, though surely not the last (between the two of them, Elsa and Anna have one MAJOR wardrobe.) I’m particularly proud of the tone-on-tone striping tape work I did on my index and ring fingers that I think looks like the glittery rectangular sequins on Elsa’s ethereal ice blue dress. And snowflakes, because, you know, everything’s Frozen (no, really, that movie has taken on a life of its own; these days, everything truly IS Frozen.)

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