Disney Girl Challenge: Edna Mode

Disney Girl Challenge: Edna Mode

Again, much like Ursula and Cruella, I would never classify sharp, sassy Edna Mode from The Incredibles as a girl (rather, a black-clad, one-woman force of high fashion and wry remarks) but she’s a lady in the Disneyverse, and so for the purposes of this self-imposed challenge, she stays. Edna gets all of The Incredibles’ best lines (“My god, you’ve gotten fat”) and knows her superhero garb (“No capes!”) but based on her weird little black leather/rubber tire outfit, she has no clue how to dress herself.

Still, these nails, based on Edna’s funky little outfit of indeterminate material, were super fun to plan and, for a nice little change, utilize texture over colour. On my index and ring fingers I did a bit of fishnet-type taping work, layering a black textured polish over a simple black base, evoking the diamond scale pattern on the sleeves of Edna’s dress. And then on my middle and pinkie fingers, I layered matte black polish, striping tape and a couple of coats of Seche Vite one atop the other to create Edna’s puffy black dress (that really does look like an upside down lampshade made out of inflatable Vespa tires.) Finally, I added a pair of Edna’s iconic black rimmed glasses to my thumb. All the better to cut you down with a withering glance with, my dear.

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