Disney Dolls

Late last year, feeling bereft of nail art inspiration, I embarked on a casual, self-imposed challenge to capture the girls and women of the Disneyverse, be they princess, villainess or something in between. Titled the Disney Girl Challenge and now spanning seven months, 40 some-odd posts and over 35 Disney properties, I thought I was reaching the end of my list of Disney ladies (I have an actual list), when I realized that between the more traditional Disney picks and Pixar’s offerings (they get their own separate post), I’ve probably only reached the halfway mark.

But I try to be a “the nail polish bottle is half full” type of person, and so I won’t look at this as an uphill battle (literally uphill, in the snow, in flats at least as I further tackle Elsa and Anna from Frozen) and instead look back in fondness and for future inspiration at the nails that have come before, from Disney’s first animated princess, Snow White, to more random picks like The Nightmare Before Christmas’s Sally and Cinderella’s Ugly Stepsisters. I’ve had a blast so far putting my own lacquered spin on the fair maidens of the Disneyverse, and I love finding unexpected ways of expressing each lady’s uniquely individual style (except for the bow thing; all Disney girls, especially the young ones in their jammies at a window and/or being watched over by seven little people, LOVE big, flouncy bows.) I hope you enjoy this gallery as much as I enjoyed doing the manicures these pictures represent. šŸ™‚

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