Snow Freaking Way

Snow Much Fun Bottle

As in no freaking way, I thought we were done with this snow business for the year.  Actually, given the never-endingness of last winter, perhaps two years, or maybe even three.  And then I show up not only with a polish from last winter’s collection, KB Shimmer’s Snow Much Fun (which is, like, 67 years in nail polish time), but one that evokes all the bad feelings of the Winter That Wouldn’t End?  Timely!  Very timely.

Lots of bloggers have swatched this polish already, last year when there was still snow on the ground, but I thought I’d buck that trend and paint on a few coats in the first few weeks of summer.  And besides, I only bought it last week.  Like KB’s other glitter-in-jelly polishes, Snow Much Fun applies beautifully, and three coats, loaded with holographic microshimmer and glitter, gives your nails a lush, deep look, like the snowflakes (lots of them, too) were flash frozen in a pool of shimmering water.  But a note about those adorable snowflakes that give this polish such a gorgeous, unique look: They are glitter of the larger sized variety, both in terms of measurement and thickness.  I had no problem getting the flakes out of the bottle and onto my brush, but getting them onto my nail without dragging off the rest of the polish with them was a bit of a challenge.  I found if I went slow and steady, laid down my flakes in the first couple of coats and then topped them off with a layer that was predominantly polish, I had no problems.  And when a nail polish is this beautiful, sometimes you don’t mind going the extra distance. 😉 Snow Much Fun Outside

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