Disney Girl Challenge: Peach

Disney Girl Challenge: Peach

Finding Nemo’s deadpan starfish, Peach, provided the inspiration for these nails, which feature two smirking Peaches bobbing along in a sea of turquoise blue. These nails are pretty simple, as there’s not much to Peach visually (although let’s take a moment to appreciate the pink-to-coral thermal colour changer I used here, Polish Me Silly’s appropriately-titled Peach Me a Lesson; I thought it was particularly fitting, as certain species of starfish can change their colours as a camouflage response.) But what Peach lacks in visual fireworks she more than makes up for with her withering glances, droll delivery (courtesy of the always wonderful Allison Janney) and wackadoo maternal side, like that oddball aunt everyone has that every time you see her, maybe she’s a little drunk? That’s Peach, just in saltwater!034

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