Mix ‘n Match


In case it wasn’t abundantly clear, which it should be because I’ve written perhaps too many posts on the subject, I really like thermal colour changing polishes.  I’m just not sure they like me back.  It has everything to do with the length of my nails, which out of necessity and preference I keep on the shorter side.  Thermal polishes work best on long nails where the warm/cool differential can really shine, and I fear there’s just not enough room on my little nails for them to, you know, do their thang.

Although that obviously hasn’t stopped me from purchasing every fun thermal that crosses my e-shopping path, including these two picks from Polish Me Silly, Dreaming in Pink and Get Breezy.  Dreaming in Pink is an ultra girly pale lilac-to-bright pink polish sprinkled with pink, purple and blue hex and bar glitter, and Get Breezy is a light blue-to-turquoise colour changer loaded with matte neon glitter.  Both polishes actually feature bar glitter, which I feel like I should mention, as many polish mavens no likey.  I’m Team Bar Glitter so long as it’s not too long and unwieldy, and in these polishes at least, I think it adds a nice little hit of colour and visual interest.

Here I’ve shown Dreaming in Pink and Get Breezy together in one mixey-matchy mani in their warm states (the paler shades) and cold (obviously the pink and the deeper, darker blue.)Dreaming in PinkGet Breezy

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