Pixar Princesses

That title is actually something of a misnomer, as the majority of the women and girls of the Pixar Universe are not princesses.  Cars, yes, robots, also yes, monsters, fish and superheroes, yes, yes and yes, but very rarely a straight up princess (hi there, Merida.)  But as part of my ongoing Disney Girl Challenge, the term “princess” fits, even if the Pixar ladies tend to be anything but. 

As I mentioned some posts back, I seem to be just past the halfway mark of my self-imposed and aforementioned Disney Girl Challenge, in which I’m attempting to capture every Disney female, be they fish, fowl or whatever else the Disney animators can come up with, in tiny lacquered form.  A couple of weeks back I posted a gallery of the more traditional Disney ladies (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and the other bajillion princesses) and now I’d like to share some of my favourite Pixar picks, even though, as I’ve discussed – at length – Pixar movies generally make me cry big, ugly tears of patheticness that I don’t like to share with people other than my husband (besides, he’s the only one who can understand me when I’m gulping down great, hitching sobs because the interstate has bypassed Radiator Springs or Ellie and Carl can’t have kids. AND THEN SHE DIES AND HE’S ALL ALONE! See, I told you it was bound to get ugly.)

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